Studio Tannin

As purveyors of a wide variety of natural aquascaping materials, we've realized that perhaps the most daunting part of working with them for many is curating the selection and arranging the materials into a cohesive theme! That's why decided to offer a collection of complete hardscapes, with all components curated and conceived to work together perfectly! And with some of the world's most talented 'scapers helping to curate our collection, the one-of-a-kind Studio Tannin bespoke aquascapes are a new way to bring fantastic design to your own aquarium!

Each aquascape comes with some extras- like replacement botanicals, special surprise bonuses, and the personalized service you'd expect from Tannin Aquatics!

Now, we realize that not everyone wants to purchase a WYSIWYG aquascape. However, you might be inspired to create your own version of the works we feature, so we have links to every botanical item in each featured 'scape, so that you can easily find the botanicals for yourself on our site, and create your own version! It's as much about inspiration as anything else, and we're hoping that you can use these 'scapes as a starting point for your own unique ideas to come to life! 

From time to time, we'll also feature amazing "set pieces"- hardscape materials which are particularly inspiring, unusual, or otherwise worthy of special attention. Check out this section regularly for fantastic inspiration and aquascaping design!

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