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Don't fear...Don't hate. Just grow.

June 22, 2017

I sometimes find that my blogs open up or expose an idea or issue that I hadn't really considered before. Other times, they reinvigorate older ideas I've held. Yesterday's piece on sumps in the freshwater aquarium (or general lack thereof, really) was one of those which reignited an ongoing "thesis" that I've had about the state of the freshwater hobby. Okay, well, let's start it off by me pointing out that this is my opinion...based on personal observations and those of others I know. It's not the last word, or even the first word on the subject. You might find it a bit annoying. Perhaps even insulting a bit. Please don't take it that way. ("Good, Fellman, because who really...

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Back to the sump...

June 21, 2017

I am a big believer in sumps. Yes sumps. I know, you have visions of an absurdly-complicated reef system, with every possible gadget attached to the tank, costing thousands of dollars/euro/pounds, etc., while yielding only marginal performance benefits over more "conventional" freshwater filtration systems, right? Well, first off, don't think of a sump as a "filter" in the conventional sense. Think of it as a sort of "water management system" for your display. To call it a "filter" is way too simplistic, IMHO. And it doesn't need to be a byzantine maze of complexity, either. Although it can accomplish a lot of complex tasks, a sump need NOT be complex. In our context, a sump could be defined as virtually any type...

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The Fish Room- A place of wonder...a place of magic.

June 20, 2017

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to have a fish geek experience that really made me sit back and think about this crazy hobby of ours in a whole new light. I attended a meeting of a local club in Duluth, MN (Yeah, in February! It was a bit colder than L.A. in February...LOL) to give a talk, and got to stay at the home of a dedicated hobbyist- My friend and prototypical all-around fish geek Matthew Pederson (of Amazonas and Coral Magazines...his blogs and articles are awesome BTW)- and his very serious fish room!  I swear I spent as much time down there as I did with him. It was the first time in a lot of years...

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