"Tannin Aquatics is more than just a purveyor of aquascaping materials. We’re a mood, an atmosphere, a space to be inspired. Our products support an earthy, organic canvas upon which you can express yourself through the art of aquascaping. We provide information, the muse, and natural materials for you to create blackwater and brackish microcosms which blur the lines between nature and aquarium." -Scott Fellman, Owner

The Tint

The stability factor.

October 17, 2019

When it comes to keeping and maintaining our botanical-style aquariums over the long term, there are a fair number of questions we receive regularly, so it kind of makes sense for us to tackle this topic once again. Now, one thing to just contemplate before we delve too deep is just this whole concept of the botanical-style aquarium...I mean, like, we keep an aquarium stocked with leaves, seed pods, and other stuff in order to...what? Well, for most of us, it's stocked with this stuff in order to replicate, on some level, the environmental, chemical, and physical environments from which our fishes come from in the wild. And since the wild is not the sterilized, crystal-clear, sparkling clean place of...

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An embarrassment of riches?

October 16, 2019

I have some very specific tastes when it comes to my aquariums. I like a certain "look" or "vibe"- and it just so happens that my preferred aesthetics result from utilizing botanical materials which have some ecological/chemical impacts on the environment of my aquariums. And, at this stage in the world of botanical-style aquariums, we have a real "embarassment of riches"- a vast "portfolio" of botanical materials which we can use in our aquariums to impact the aesthetics and function of them.  It's pretty much a given that every aquarium that we assemble is not only a unique expression of our interests and skills- it's a complex, ecologically functional microcosm, which is impacted by not only the way we assemble...

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